The tricky part about growing up in a nostalgia-soaked culture is that, while there are lots of people to emulate, there’re also lots of people to live up to. So many young musicians seem burdened by the weight of all that came before, which can be called up and rewatched at any time of the day on YouTube. Amy Winehouse proved that you could not only draw from the past, but also use it to create something completely new. And three years after she died, an album she made back in 2006 sounds as urgent, political, potent, and tragic as anything in your parents’ record collection.


i was walking around my neighborhood the other day and i saw this perfect little jewel box of a mid century house. which is a phrase i use often. for good reason, as there are a lot of jewel box mid century houses here.

i assume this is a renovation of an older mid century house, but what struck me was the amazing little pavilion box on the roof.

more houses should have amazing little glass pavilion boxes on their roofs. that’s my architectural prescription for today. well, generally i think that roofs are under appreciated and under-utilized.

why aren’t roofs covered in solar panels and chairs and plants and bowling alleys? these are valid questions.

you look at the cost of real estate and you see all of these flat empty roofs and you wonder, simply, ‘why don’t people do more with their roofs?’ like, by way of example, putting up an amazing little glass pavilion.

also this looks like a really nice house, generally, and kudos to the owners for not tearing it down and building a beige crap shack.



Sierra Leone’s Leading Ebola Doctor Contracts Ebola

The doctor at the forefront of Sierra Leone’s fight against the unprecedented Ebola outbreak in the region has contracted Ebola himself, Reuters reported Wednesday.

As of this week, Ebola has claimed 632 lives in three West African countries, according to the World Health Organization. Virologist Sheik Umar Khan, 39, has treated more than 100 victims of the disease. Sierra Leone Health Minister Miatta Kargbo called him a “national hero” and said she would “do anything and everything in my power to ensure he survives,” according to Reuters.

Last month, Khan told Reuters that he was aware of the risk of himself contracting the disease, which kills up to 90 percent of those infected. “I am afraid for my life, I must say, because I cherish my life,” he said. “Health workers are prone to the disease because we are the first port of call for somebody who is sickened by disease. Even with the full protective clothing you put on, you are at risk.”

Teacher banned for life appointed to replace Nick Griffin as BNP leader
Walker was banned from teaching in February after he lost a legal challenge against the then education secretary, Michael Gove.

Walker had received a suspended jail sentence for verbally abusing three schoolboys, chasing them in his car and slashing the tyres on their bikes with a Stanley knife.

He took Gove to court, claiming that this decision was “prejudiced” because of his membership of the BNP.

Star Wars? Fake!


A young boy approached the front desk. He comes into the library regularly and is ahead of his age in maturity. He wanted to know where he could find Star Wars books. We have quite a few fiction but also non-fiction Star Wars books. The non-fiction can be about the history and making of Star Wars.

Me: “Are you interested in fiction or non-fiction?”

Boy [long pause, with serious expression]: ”You do realize that Star Wars is fake right?”

The Ukrainian security agency has already started a comprehensive and thorough investigation into this deadly terrorist attack and this crime against humanity.

Those who committed this international crime, those responsible, will be held accountable and together with the entire international community we will bring to justice everyone responsible, including the country which is behind this scene [and] supplied illegal weapons, provided financial support, trained these bastards and supported and even orchestrated this kind of despicable crime.

The Ukrainian government will do everything to investigate this crime, to transfer the bodies, to provide any support to all respected governments and to unfold to the entire world the truth.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, prime minister of Ukraine 

Yatsenyuk has vowed to bring to account those who committed this “crime against humanity” as he called on President Putin to de-escalate what he described as an “international and global conflict”. via guardian​